4 Common Mistakes Patients Make In Reiki Healing

Ah, You’ve finally scheduled your first (or ninety-first) Reiki treatment, now there’s nothing left to do but wait for the peace and healing to wash over you. Not so fast, Bub. Although it may seem like a passive experience, Reiki Healing isn’t solely the work of the practitioner. Your practitioner has studied and practiced (hopefully for many years) and is highly… Read more →

I’m fat and it’s NOT okay (but it’s okay!)

Recently I had the honor of spending a whole month in Bali with 30+ other ladies while we all worked diligently on completing the first draft of a book (follow my progress at Primal-Pregnancy.com) On one of our excursions we took a day trip to a gorgeous white sand beach. I spent all day snorkeling around the crystal clear waters,… Read more →

4 Things to Consider When Choosing a Health Coach

Over the past decade or so, Health Coaches have come into public view and they are becoming more popular than ever. Why? Health Coaches are support, guidance and expertise like you’ve never seen! Doctors are excellent at fixing banged up and broken bits, beating bacterial infections and other ‘acute’ medicine. Unfortunately when it comes to keep you healthy in the… Read more →

Coconut Oil: Why I keep food in the Bathroom

Like most people transitioning to a more natural life style, my house contains some odd items and some pretty normal items in some strange places. My bathroom alone is starting to look more like a pantry with things like baking soda, salt, and 2 kinds of oil. My face masks live in the fridge. It’s a fun adventure to try… Read more →

The Weight Loss Industry has Absolutely Nothing to do with Health

The diet industry reached 61 BILLION dollars in 2013 in the United States alone, but people are fatter than ever.  Between magic pills, diet food, and commercial weight loss plans, the obesity epidemic is a HUGE business. Despite all of the do-good advertising and the inspiring slogans, the secret is, the diet industry doesn’t actually want you to lose weight, at least… Read more →

Sunny Sunday Morning Revelations

I’d like to say that the revelations came during my first visit to my local Unitarian Church, but the place was oddly desolate so I didn’t even get to go to a service!
It was, instead, the drive over there that reminded me how out of sorts our ways of thinking are. Read more →

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